about allison

I’m a solid Midwestern girl, born and raised: lived in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and now Chicago. I have a passion for everything food (preferably healthy) and I’m not afraid to try anything twice. I’m not a chef with formal training. I am a self-prescribed foodie, though, and I’m out to soak up as much gastronomic knowledge as possible.

After getting a Masters degree in Health Promotion, I went against my gut and 1.) moved somewhere not warm, and 2.) took a job not food-related. No longer.
Now, with excitement and plenty of nerves, I’m choosing happiness and food.
Not sure where it will lead or how long it will take, but I’m excited to get started!

Follow me here as I enter my new life: smiling and up to my elbows in deliciousness.


5 Comments on “about allison”

  1. Cuzn Suzn says:

    Allison I’m excited to follow you on this journey….you go, girl!

  2. Natalie says:

    You should start giving us all of your knowledge about cheese on here!!!

  3. Natalie says:

    Teach me how to cook!!!!!! :)

  4. Sam says:

    I am very excited!

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